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  • Home Delivery

    Why don’t you sign up today and start enjoying the convenience of having your shopping delivered at your doorstep in the comfort of your home. Dedicate time to running your business while we do the shopping and delivery for you. At Maxcare Mart, we care. Click the above image for more info

  • Text and Collect

    At Maxcare Mart, we know that many of our customers go to work and run their businesses, knowing that juggling the demand of work and personal everyday needs is difficult, we have designed this simple but effective service to make life easier for you. Click the above image for more info

  • Customer Loyalty Reward Club

    This might be an all too familiar terminology in the shopping world. At Maxcare Mart, reward means much more than collecting points to shop with; we do much more. As a member of our loyalty reward club, you and your family are cared for in many ways. Find out more...

  • Ready Meals to Go

    Cooking is part of everyday life and can be fun, but we appreciate that sometimes our customers haven't got all the time.We have trained and dedicated a chef to prepare some of your favourite soups and stews in our kitchen, under a hygienic environment. If you are one of the many mums and singles......

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